Aur Mystic


Aulrab x GF Silver Mystery
AHR #342870
Apr 3, 1985 
Chestnut stallion
80.32% Crabbet/Blunt ECAHS Verified


We've been trying for years to get Mystic back. Sold as a two year old, he was magnificent! Type, style and correctness. His full brother, Aur Vanity, was exported to Australia. His other full brother, Aur Mystique, has proven himself in breeding, with his son Mystic Aulrab, being sold to South Africa. His full sister, Aur So Vain has produced a proven Endurance gelding and a winning Dressage/Sport Horse stallion, FV Aursovain.

Aulrab Aurab Aulani Rifnas
Rabna Narzigh
Alarieha Galahas Tahas
My Gala
Riehaba Abu Farwa
GF Silver Mystery *Silver Vanity Oran Riffal
Silver Gilt Indian Gold
Silver Fire
Miss Mystery Ga'zi Abu Farwa
Ur Rabba Rabab
Um El Surab


80.4688% Crabbet/Blunt
87.207% GSB (incl. Crabbet)
8.00781% Davenports
5.17578% Polish
43.3182% Egyptian
39.4531% WK Kellogg
100% CMK
6.25% Dickinson/Travelers Rest
38.9557% Abbas Pasha Source
39.4531% WR Brown/Maynesboro Stud
41.4429% Abbas Pasha/Ali Pasha Sherif Source
90.4419% BAHC Source (Blue List or BLUE STAR)
69.8547% BLUE STAR Source
4.6875% Albert W Harris
10.4492% North American Desert Source
75% Early American Foundation (vol V)
75% American (thru vol VIII)
75% American Foundation (thru vol X)
100% American (thru vol XV)
..59204% El Emir
19.0308% Mesaoud
3.75976% Ghazala
5.17578% Skowronek
8.49609% Nasik
31.9946% Blunt AK Ancestral Element
2.01416% Borden AK Ancestral Element
8.00781% Davenport AK Ancestral Element
41.4429% Egypt I AK Ancestral Element
..585937% Hamidie AK Ancestral Element
5.34668% Huntington AK Ancestral Element
1.5625% Mirage AK Ancestral Element
..195312% Nejdran AK Ancestral Element
Zobeyni (Abbas Pasha) sire line thru Mahruss (Blunt) ~
*Urfah dam line ~
A Saqlawi Al'Abd
American Foundation-bred
Percentages and Research by Eva Dano

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